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Portion Distortion

The average restaurant portions have almost doubled in the past twenty years. Use this fun guide to help you compare today’s portions.

Pepperoni Pizza (2 slices):

Pizza slice size today
Pizza slice size from 20 years ago
20 yrs. Ago: 500 kcal
Today: 850 kcal

Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Chocolate chip cookie size today
Chocolate chip cookie size from 20 years ago
20 yrs. Ago: 55 kcal

1.5 in diameter

Today: 275 kcal

3.5 in diameter


Cheesecake size today
Cheesecake size from 20 years ago
20 yrs. Ago: 260 kcal

3 oz
Today: 640 kcal

6.5 oz
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SOURCES: National Heart Lung and Blood Institute • National Institutes of Health • Department of Health and Human Services
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