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Question: I have been using for a few months now and have lost 15 pounds.  While I'm thrilled with the weight loss, I haven't lost any weight for the past 2 weeks.  What causes plateaus and how can I get back on track?

Weight Loss Plateaus

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The latest buzz in the nutrition field is the term "superfoods" or "functional foods". These terms refer to wholesome foods that provide a high level of nutrients in each serving, particularly antioxidant vitamins, healthy fats, and/or phytochemicals that help fight disease. There are no strict guidelines yet as to what qualifies as a "superfood".  more ...

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Trans Fatty Acids
Trans fatty acids (TFA's), also known as funny fats, are formed when oils are subjected to heat, pressure, chemical solvents, or a process called hydrogenation. This process of hydrogenation exposes an oil to high heat and high pressure in the presence of hydrogen gas. Functionally, it makes an unsaturated fat more solid at room temperature, which extends its shelf life and improves texture in many processed goods.   more ...

Body Composition Testing
Getting your body composition measured is an excellent way to help you monitor your progress in an exercise and nutrition program. When most people undertake such a program to get in shape, what they are really attempting to do is to "re-shape" their body. This "re-shaping" occurs when you lose body fat and gain muscle mass - either of which will change your body composition. Sometimes this is accompanied by an actual loss of body weight, but not always.  more ...

Dangers of Diet Pills
Over-the-counter diet pills are a temporary fix, and a poor one at that. They do not address the core of the problem by re-training eating habits and guiding one to adopt a lifelong commitment to sustainable healthy eating and exercise.  more ...

Exercise Motivation
There are various strategies that you can employ to help you stay on track. The most critical factor that you'll need to address is the type of activity that you're engaging in. You MUST find an activity that you enjoy!  more ...

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