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Question: A friend told me that I shouldn't ever drink regular soda because the sweetener in it causes obesity.  Is this true?

High Fructose Corn Syrup & Obesity

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Body Image & Self-esteemBody Image & Self-esteem

Your journey to becoming a healthier person will benefit greatly if it is preceded by self-love and self-respect. It is very difficult to take the necessary steps of self-care (ex: good nutrition and body movement) if you do not believe that you are worth the effort.  more ...

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Recipe for Weight Loss
A successful weight reduction program is like a recipe.  Start with a few key ingredients as a base, add some others for taste and individuality, and you end up with a winning formula for success.  Two of the key ingredients are GRADUAL caloric restriction and exercise.

A typical cascade of events that leads to failure in permanent weight loss goes something like this: An individual is initially gung ho [...]  more ...

Track Body Fat - Not Body Weight
Most people will monitor their body weight when trying to lose weight - makes sense right?  Well, not always.  When you undertake a nutrition and exercise program to get in shape, what most people are really attempting to do is to "re-shape" their body.  This often times is accompanied by an actual loss of body weight, but not always.  more ...

Athletic Shoes: A Buyer's Guide
Ideally, shoes should be tailored toward a specific activity.  Cross trainers can usually do the job if you perform a wide variety of activities, but if you perform a specific activity 2 or 3 three times a week, then you should buy a sports-specific shoe.  Each sport-specific shoe will have properties that are advantageous to that sport  more ...

Exercise Stress Test
An exercise stress test measures cardiovascular fitness.  It can be performed on individuals with a wide range of fitness levels and is considered to be a valuable diagnostic tool for identifying coronary heart disease and certain lung diseases.  more ...

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