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I've seen signs at health food stores that say some foods are "superfoods".  What does this mean and is it true?


The latest buzz in the nutrition field is the term "superfoods" or "functional foods".  These terms refer to wholesome foods that provide a high level of nutrients in each serving, particularly antioxidant vitamins, healthy fats, and/or phytochemicals that help fight disease.  There are no strict guidelines yet as to what qualifies as a "superfood".  However, for an idea of some food items that health experts have regarded as "superfoods", check out the following list:

In light of the fact that some foods are indeed healthier than others, I suppose the term "superfoods" or "functional foods" is fitting and appropriate.  Filling your diet with nutrient dense foods such as these can be beneficial and health-promoting, so indulge!

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