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Question: I started to lose weight, but now I'm starting to focus on nutrients other than calories.  Can I just take a daily vitamin pill and not worry so much about getting my vitamins and minerals from my foods?

Vitamin Supplements vs. Food
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Exercise MotivationExercise Motivation

There are various strategies that you can employ to help you stay on track. The most critical factor that you'll need to address is the type of activity that you're engaging in. You MUST find an activity that you enjoy!  more ...

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Recipe for Weight Loss
A successful weight reduction program is like a recipe.  Start with a few key ingredients as a base, add some others for taste and individuality, and you end up with a winning formula for success.  Two of the key ingredients are GRADUAL caloric restriction and exercise.

A typical cascade of events that leads to failure in permanent weight loss goes something like this: An individual is initially gung ho [...]  more ...

Track Body Fat - Not Body Weight
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