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Fitness Gift IdeasFitness Gift Ideas


Fitness Gift Ideas

This year, think beyond cookies and restaurant gift cards, and help your friends and family reach their fitness goals by giving these non-food gifts.

Special Exercise Gear

Take note of the exercise interests of friends and family, and give a gift that will help them take on a new goal or try a new activity. Trail running shoes, rock climbing gear, maps and guides for National Parks, hydration packs, and water sports equipment might be just what they need to step out of their comfort zone and face an exciting exercise challenge in the new year.

A Month of Membership Fees

Support healthy habits and pick up the tab for a month of membership fees at a local gym or specialty fitness studio. Also consider online options. Memberships for access to everything from yoga to group exercise videos can be found online and make it easy for friends and family to fit exercise into their daily routine.

A Race Entry

You might know someone who wants to take on a distance run or a triathlon, but is holding back due to the entrance fee for the event. Help cover the cost to kickstart their training and motivate them to accomplish their goal.

A Makeover

We all know someone who has worked hard and achieved fitness success. With success often comes the desire for a new look to celebrate accomplishments. A gift card to a local salon for haircuts and treatments, manicures and new make up can be a welcome gift to those who have reached their long-term goals.

A Learning Course

Help those who are just starting their fitness journey to get off on the right foot. Community and online courses about healthy eating, cooking, reducing stress, and setting goals will help nudge them in the right direction.

Spa Treatments

Everyone can use some rest and relaxation, especially if they’ve been sticking to a challenging training program. Give the gift of a spa treatment like a sports massage, facial, or a body wrap. Help them start the new year relaxed and refreshed.

Babysitting Services

Some of us have the best intentions to try a new fitness class, train for an event, or learn some new cooking skills, but getting time away from family commitments is challenging. Consider covering the cost of child care so that friends and family can take part in new fitness activities, or offer to watch the kids yourself while they get in their training run for an upcoming distance race.

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