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How to Use Positive AffirmationsHow to Use Positive Affirmations


How to Use Positive Affirmations

When you encounter challenges, it is easy for negative self-talk to take over, but you can reduce it by using positive affirmations. A positive affirmation is a word or phrase that confirms a positive aspect about you or your life. These affirmations can be used when you accomplish a goal and when you fall short to improve your attitude and boost your self-confidence.

When you meet a food goal.

It’s important to set small, attainable goals so that you always have a reason to celebrate your healthy changes. You can emphasize the impact of meeting a food goal, like drinking enough water, reducing saturated fat, or eating five vegetables, by following it up with a positive affirmation. Repeating phrases, such as “eating healthy is getting easier,” “I can make healthy choices,” or “I have the power to improve my health with every bite,” will continue to boost your confidence.

When all the changes stress you out.

A healthy lifestyle is possible, but you may feel overwhelmed when starting out. Choosing healthier foods, exercising, and dealing with emotional issues may leave you unsure of where to start. Meditate on affirmations that focus on confidence in your ability to reach your goals such as “one day at a time,” “small changes make a big difference,” and “keep trying; it will get easier.”

When you gain weight.

It’s normal for the number on the the scale to fluctuate as you work towards your weight loss goal, but an increase is discouraging. Prevent weight gain from getting you off track by meditating on a phrase that focuses on the bigger picture. “Health is a journey,” “I am working hard; results will come,” or “my health includes more than weight” are all examples of affirmations that will help you view minor gains in a more positive way.

When you have to skip a workout.

Some days things simply don’t go as planned, and a workout will not be possible. Don’t let one missed day ruin how you view months of hard work. Be flexible and patient with yourself. “My fitness is improving,” “I am healthy,” and “a break is okay” will help you let go of your shortcomings and move forward with renewed commitment.

When you are faced with a challenging workout.

Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment after a challenge, but sometimes you need a mental boost to push through. Stay focused and use phrases, like “I am strong,” “I can do this,” and “I am up for the challenge,” to change your attitude and reach new goals that you once thought were impossible.

Lori Rice, M.S., is a nutritional scientist and author with a passion for healthy cooking, exercise physiology, and food photography.
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