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Indoor Exercises that Burn Tons of CaloriesIndoor Exercises that Burn Tons of Calories


Indoor Exercises that Burn Calories

Moving workouts indoors during hot weather will allow you to keep up the intensity without overheating. Don’t think that an indoor workout means you have to surrender to lengthy sessions on the treadmill. Add variety by trying new classes, sports, and routines that burn calories and keep you fit.

Rowing machine

If you prefer cardio sessions on machines, step off the treadmill and try something new. Most gyms have rowing machines, but many are rarely used despite the fact that rowing is an excellent full body workout. It is unique in that it works both the upper and lower body at the same time to increase the heart rate. It can be challenging at first, so start by working a few minutes on the rowing machine into your cardio session. As your coordination and fitness improve, you’ll be ready for longer sessions.

Calories burned in 1 hour at a moderate pace: 478

Indoor cycling

Cycling classes remain one of the most popular workouts at the gym. They allow you to adjust the intensity to your fitness level with the opportunity to push yourself for a challenging workout. If you shy away from group exercise classes because of complicated choreography or complex moves, then indoor cycling is for you.

Calories burned in 1 hour of vigorous indoor cycling: 711


Indoor recreational sports are great ways to change your routine when it’s too hot outside for your usual walk or run. The stop-and-go activity of basketball provides your cardiovascular system and muscles with a new type of training.

Calories burned in 1 hour: 399

Dance classes

Take a break from the workout mentality and make your physical activity more fun with dance classes. If you’ve been interested in learning dance, now is the time to do it. Everything from hip-hop to ballroom dancing will boost cardio fitness, challenge your muscles, and improve your flexibility. Plus, you can boost brain health by learning something new.

Calories burned hip-hop dancing for 1 hour: 360

Circuit training

End the boredom of 30-minute cardio sessions followed by strength training by creating a circuit workout. Alternate one strength training exercise with five minutes of cardio for the length of your session. It’s a workout that keeps the heart rate up and blasts calories. You can perform your circuit on machines at the gym or by combining dumbbells with jogging in place, jumping jacks, and squat jumps.

Calories burned in 1 hour: 558

* Calories burned are based on a 150 pound female.
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