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Ways to Stay MotivatedWays to Stay Motivated


Ways to Stay Motivated

Motivation fuels your desire to make the small changes necessary to reach your long-term goals. The sources for your motivation may change and at times it can feel like it’s disappeared completely. When you hit a low point, it’s important to find ways to stay motivated.

Make a list of your positive changes.

Don’t allow frustrating weight loss and strength training plateaus make you lose focus and overlook your progress. Make a list of your positive changes. Include everything from exercising three times a week and drinking less soda to improved mood and more energy. All of these small changes matter, and when you see them all on paper, they become a source of motivation.

Pick one exercise to measure your progress.

Select an exercise that is timed or measured by repetitions and requires no equipment. Wall sit, plank, or push-ups are good examples. If you make it part of your regular routine, this one exercise can be enough to show your progress and keep you motivated. Advancing from a 15 second wall sit to 90 seconds or from 5 modified push-ups to 10 standard push-ups proves your hard work is paying off. Seeing these results can keep you from throwing in the towel when it feels like your progress has stalled.

Give yourself the day off.

If you’ve been working hard to reach your goals, but your motivation is wavering, you may need a break from your routine. Even the most committed exercisers need a break to rest, relax, and revisit goals. If your program has been strict, you might consider giving yourself a cheat day.

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